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Mentor Graphics Earns Prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Certification

SCP logoMentor Graphics Corporation's Global Support and Services has received certification against the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards. SCP Certification quantifies the effectiveness of customer support based upon a stringent set of performance standards and represents best practices in the industry. Mentor Graphics achieved certification after extensive audits of multiple support centers.

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"Consistent, predictable customer support continues to be a key differentiator for us," according to Walden Rhines, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Mentor Graphics. "SCP certification demonstrates our ability to provide customers with a high level of confidence and our commitment to customer satisfaction and world-class technical support."

Service Strategies Corporation, a training and consulting service for the IT support industry, conducts comprehensive on-site audits to confirm that companies meet the requirements of over 100 business elements defined in the SCP program. SCP Certification measures factors such as corporate commitment and strategic direction, customer satisfaction, performance metrics, research and development interface, and other strategic areas of the support operation. Certified companies must continue to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and high performance standards through annual re-certification audits.

Mentor Graphics joins the ranks of leading technology companies that have achieved SCP Certification. Currently, over seventy-six companies representing approximately one hundred forty support centers around the world are participating in the SCP program. These companies include industry leaders such as CompuCom (CMPC), Intuit Inc. (INTU), Xerox Corporation (XRX), Lucent Technologies (LU), Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI), Lockheed Martin Inc. (LMT), Microsoft Ltd. Europe, and Sabre Inc. (TSG), among others.

About SCP Certification

The SCP Certification program was developed to address service quality issues that affect the rapidly growing technology support industry. Thirty-five companies contributed their insight and perspective into defining the key elements required for delivering world class support. Service Strategies Corporation is responsible for administering the SCP Certification program and conducting on-site certification audits. For more information about SCP Certification, contact Service Strategies Corporation at 858.674.4864 or visit